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Prohibition of street vending upsets poor vendors in Kathmandu

A quarter of the total population of Nepal falls below the poverty line. Majority of them are engaged in informal business/works for their livelihood...

Admirable work by Hami Nepali Youth Organization during COVID crisis

Hami Nepali Youth Organization is a community organization aimed at accelerating development activities, youth empowerment, and overall, the wellbeing of the society. The organization...

COVID 19 exacerbating poverty in Nepal

The COVID crisis has been there for more than a year now. Many lockdowns, shutdowns and travel restrictions have deeply affected the lifestyle of...

Nepal faces vaccine shortage amidst political chaos – Making communities more vulnerable?

Nepal plunges into the worst COVID 19 surges as the number of cases has risen. As the crisis has worsened, Nepal has faced a...

Covid 19 takes a toll on doctors and health workers

The present situation of COVID 19 has risen alarmingly in Nepal resulting in many cases and deaths in a single day. Despite the nationwide...

Delivering education weakens amidst the COVID 19 pandemic in Kathmandu and Nationwide

The 2nd wave of COVID 19 has once again compelled us to stay home in this nationwide imposed travel restrictions. It has caused a...