COVID-19 virus found in sewage water samples in Kathmandu Valley

An analysis of sewage water samples from last June in the capital was found to contain traces of the novel coronavirus, a research group called Center for Molecular Dynamics announced on July 03, 2020.

COVID 19 virus was found in two places while testing sewage samples of four areas within the valley.

Center for Molecular Dynamics – Nepal (CMDN) successfully detected and characterized CoV- SARS-2 virus, which is the causative pathogen for COVID19, in the environmental samples.

Sewage samples were collected from four major cities in the Kathmandu Valley for the study. Dr Divesh Karmacharya, the lead scientist of the study, said that the study showed that the infection had spread within the community in the valley. 

According to him, studies in other countries have found the fact that corona-infected people also have the SARS-2 virus that causes Covid-19. 

“It is not a single person’s defecation that has been tested, it is a sample of the entire settlement’s sewage. Anyone in the entire settlement (many, but not all) can be infected.” said Dr Karmacharya.

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