Drivers’ negligence is the leading cause for road accidents in Kathmandu valley

According to the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, road accident cases in fiscal 2019/20 stood at 9,461 and negligence on part of the drivers was to primarily blame for most of the cases.

The Number of accidents due to drivers’ negligence was 8,472, 435 due to drunk-driving while 422 road accidents were caused by over-speed.

Similarly, 58 accidents were as a result of reckless overtaking, 49 from technical errors, 16 due to wretched condition of roadways, four due to negligence of pedestrians and five due to adverse weather and livestock interference.

The majority of people losing lives to road accidents in the fiscal year belonged to 17-35 age group. Two-wheelers were more vulnerable to accidents.

In the current fiscal year, 145 road fatalities occurred in the Valley. A total of 76 riders of two-wheelers died in the current fiscal year. 

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