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Supreme Court orders not to suspend the services of home delivery companies

12:29 am, January 29, 2022

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The Supreme Court has issued an interim order not to stop providing home delivery of essential items including food purchased online on Monday, 7th of June. A bench of Justices Sapna Pradhan Malla and Kumar Chudal on Monday issued an interim order not to stop the delivery of e-commerce services in the Kathmandu Valley. .

Last year, the Kathmandu District Administration Office had issued the criteria for home delivery of essential goods and services during the prohibition order. However, it was not the same this time. Even according to the criteria, the goods were not allowed to be delivered home. Many food businesses and entrepreneurs especially the newly started; along with the established ones were severely affected because of the lockdown and additionally ban on the delivery services as well. But after the ban this year, a written petition was filed against the Prime Minister and the Office of the Council of Ministers.

You can view the supreme court order below which is published in Nepali and English languages.

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