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Inform Nepal owned by News Inform Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is an independent publisher and was founded on May 25, 2020. Inform Nepal was created to primarily report on social as well as community problems that barely make it to the mainstream media. We inform Nepali people about things that matters. We cover stories from all over the country and beyond if it concerns Nepal and the Nepali people. Inform Nepal is non-partisan, impartial, and, most importantly, obsessed with facts. Our mission is to present accurate and unbiased information and cater to the Nepali audience, as we firmly believe that well-informed citizens make better decisions for the country. We exist to bring high-quality, fact-based reporting regarding the most crucial topics that need to be discussed. We exist and live together, and it’s our responsibility to take care of each other, so we plan to do so by presenting you the real Nepal.

Inform Nepal also advocates for community development and believes that to bring any long-term change in a community, people residing there have to actually participate and work together in any developmental plans designed for them, which empowers people with the necessary skills for their livelihood. Similarly, Inform Nepal also aims to deliver information on Indigenous knowledge and practices of Nepal and its culture, as it is of tremendous importance. Along the way, we hope to reach and inspire as many Nepali people as we can to rise, help each other, and save this beautiful country and the people living here.

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