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4 young women rescued on the way to India

1:15 am, July 9, 2021

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Four young women of Dodhara Chandni Municipality-10, who were on their way to India through the Indian border market Melaghat, were rescued on Wednesday by a non-profit organization. The girls were rescued in the border area by an organization which is known as Peace Rehabilitation Home Kanchanpur. Shortly after they were safe, Nepal Police took over the case. The girls were handed over to the police.

Rekha Bhandari Pujara, a consultant at Dodhara Chandni of the rehabilitation home, said that she was found on her way to work in the Indian capital, Delhi. He said that the girl was rescued as she was at high risk of being trafficked to India. The girl has been handed over to the Area Police Office, Dodhara Chandni.

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