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Flood and landslide victims still living in a tent

6:21 pm, July 17, 2021

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The landslide victims of Silichong Gaonpalika-1 of Sankhuwasabha are still forced to live in tents even after one year. 97 families of Besinda village who were displaced by the landslide are forced to live a miserable life in tents as they cannot be rehabilitated.

Eleven people had gone missing when a landslide swept away nine houses in Silichong-1 Besinda on Ashad 28 last year. Displaced families are still living in tents due to a lack of interest from the concerned bodies. Governments at all three levels have not shown interest in rehabilitating even after a year. The landslide victims have not even got a roof over their heads.

Landslide victims are worried that their houses will be flooded after the onset of winter. Hiralal Rai, a local, said that he was living in a tent for fear of flooding his house due to the high risk of landslides. Dambar Bahadur Rai, a local, complained that he had left his house and was staying in a tent above the house due to small landslides.

He informed that some families are living in Besinda as there is no place to leave the village despite the risk. He said that most of the 118 households in Besinda are living at risk. According to village chairman Ram Bahadur Kulung, the municipality is rehabilitating 55 out of 97 landslide victims in Khandbari municipality. He said that the victims were being rehabilitated in some places. Similarly, Chitre in Silichong-1 for 25 families, Bakhaltumtar for 12 families, and other five families in the same area is being rehabilitated, he said.

He says that the process of purchasing land in Chitre and Bakhaltung for rehabilitation has been started. He said that preparations have been made to purchase 30 ropanis of land for 29 families in Chitre and nine ropanis for 18 families in Bakhaltung.

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