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Fruit farming in the forest

5:06 pm, July 7, 2021

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Fruits have been planted in two community forests to reduce human-wildlife conflict and increase forest use. Fruit cultivation has been started in Lamkara of Malkot in Galkot Municipality-7 and Sanghukhola Ratopahara Community Forest of Kathekhola Village Municipality-7 Resh with the financial support of the Division Forest Office.

It is believed that fruit farming will also increase the productivity and beauty of the forest. According to Prakash Thapa, the forest officer of the office, a sample program of planting forest-based fruits has been conducted in only two places in the district this year. “The main purpose of this program is to manage the human-wildlife conflict,” he said.

In rural areas, monkeys have been infiltrating nearby forests and causing damage to agriculture every year. According to Thapa, fruit farming will also help in improving the condition of the degraded forests.

The office had given a budget of Rs. 500,000 to both the community forests for planting fruits. In which, the community forest has mobilized additional Rs. Chairman of the Lamdara Community Forest Users Committee Ghanshyam Thapa said that different species of fruits have been planted in the area of ​​12 hectares.

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