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How I learned to deal with migraine from experience

Migraine is a neurological condition that has the ability to cause multiple symptoms. Word migraine is derived from the Greek word ‘hemicrania’ meaning half of...

Admirable work by Hami Nepali Youth Organization during COVID crisis

Hami Nepali Youth Organization is a community organization aimed at accelerating development activities, youth empowerment, and overall, the wellbeing of the society. The organization...

An exemplary effort led by Aapshawara Community Dalit Homestay to put an end to discrimination

Aapshawara Community Dalit Homestay in Vyas Municipality of Tanahu district is the first and model community homestay in Nepal run entirely by the Dalit...

Online classes bring out the digital divide in Nepal

The private schools and colleges, mainly in the cities, have been conducting online classes. Marginalized populations, however, do not have access to digital resources...