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Distribution of food aid to the elephants in Sauraha

7:24 am, January 28, 2022

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Elephants in Sauraha, Chitwan, have supposedly been jobless since the Corona epidemic began as they were primarily used to transport national and international tourists for entertainment purposes. However, the global outbreak of the coronavirus has prevented tourists from visiting Saurhana and all the other districts. Tourism entrepreneurs of Sauraha, as a result, faced a really tough time feeding the elephants without any income and revenue streams.  

The first registered sanctuary in Nepal called Nepal Elephant Walk Sanctuary (NEWS) informed Gentle Giants Stay Home Project that the elephants in Nepal were starving and the entrepreneurs had a difficult time managing food. As a result both the conservation organization’s joined hands to provide 41 elephants and their human families some very needed food. The relief has been distributed to the unemployed people as well as to the elephants of Sauraha. Sudha Dhakal the founder of NEWS bought & delivered the food herself.

The materials were distributed in Sauraha on Friday in a joint effort of Nepal Elephant Walk Sanctuary and Gentle Giants Stay Home Project, which has been working in the field of elephant conservation. They also plan to work together further  to raise some funds.

You can also sponsor an elephant by going here: https://thegentlegiants.org/elephant-sponsorships-1/ols/products/nepal-elephant-food

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