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Herbal cultivation program in Dang for diseases

9:23 pm, July 8, 2021

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Division Forest Office Dang has provided herbal saplings free of cost. A program of providing Rs. 3 cash subsidy per plant has also been brought as an incentive to the farmers who grow seedlings.

As the district has a lot of potential for commercial cultivation of herbs including Sugandhakokila (Malgadi), Timur, Cinnamon, Kurilo, Amla, and Sarpagandha, the Division Forest Office has organized a program this year in collaboration with the best multi-purpose cooperative to encourage farmers to cultivate herbs. Has stated.

Chief of the Division Forest Office, Vijay Raj Subedi, informed that the program has been started by planting about 75,000 herbs this year through the herbal expansion program through cooperatives. According to him, the program has been started in five wards of Bangalachuli village municipality and two wards of Ghorahi sub-metropolitan city in the hilly region of Dang, which is considered as a pocket area of ​​herbs. Under the program, seedlings of Timur, Tejpat, and Malagedi varieties will be provided free of cost to the farmers.

Khim Bahadur KC, Assistant Forest Officer and Information Officer at the Division Forest Office informed that the objective of the program is to make farmers commercial and entrepreneurial by cultivating herbs on wasted or less productive private land and pave the way for prosperity in the villages through this campaign. For this, the farmers have to plant saplings in at least two kattha areas.

With the support of the Division One Office, local facilitators are being mobilized in the target wards for the expansion program of herbal cultivation, and data of farmers who want to plant herb saplings is being collected.

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