Watch: Student and a lecturer discuss viral picture of two government employees circulating on the Internet 

Social Media Buzz is a YouTube program that highlights topics from virtual public spheres. On their 4th episode, Shuveccha Ghimire, a sociology lecturer at Kathmandu University was invited where gives her insights on the viral picture of two governmental workers on a bike; A woman and a man.

A lot of things were said and a lot of memes were made in the past few days when the picture circulated. Many Nepali audiences even linked the clothes that the woman wore with rape. But is the problem in the clothes that she wore or the mentality? What is the reason behind such comments?

In the fiscal year 2016/17, a total of 1,137 rape cases were registered. In the fiscal year 2017/18, the number of rape cases registered by Nepal Police across the country reached 1,480. In the fiscal year 2018/19, a total of 1,873 rape cases were registered across the country.

There have been many instances of rape in the fiscal year 2019/2020 as well in Nepal. The number soars each year despite the awareness.

Watch this telling discussion on why it is? Share.

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