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How Dhunge Dhara intertwines with Nepali communities

6:48 am, January 30, 2022

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Prajwal Badalhttps://informnepal.com
Prajwal Badal the editor of Inform Nepal. He is also a researcher, community development worker, and advocate.

While many of the stone spouts inside Kathmandu valley have either destroyed or dried, this one located at Jagdol, Gokarna stands still serving hundreds of people belonging to different communities in that area. Different communities in Nepal have a history tied with dunge dhara, and it is of great significance for them. Its existence somehow ties community members together.

A Dhunge Dhara(stone spouts) is a traditional stone primarily used for drinking purpose and is placed like a fountain. Dhunge Dhara is widely used in  Kathmandu, Nepal and other places. It is an intricately carved stone. Water from the underground sources flows through the waterway uninterruptedly.

Stone spouts have been known as an important water supply system in Nepalese history but they are disappearing quicker than ever from the Kathmandu Valley. A survey by the Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Management Board (KVWSMB) in 2019 found 573 dhunge dharas on record in the ten municipalities of the Kathmandu Valley. Our of the total, 479 of these were recovered, 52 turned out to be destroyed, and 42 could not be found. More than half of the spouts were dry.

Kathmandu faces acute water shortages frequently. The concerned authority responsible can still not meet the current water demand in different places inside the valley. For many people, these spouts are still the only source of water for drinking and cooking.

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