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One lakh elderly people in the age group between 60 to 64 years will be vaccinated with Verosel in Kathmandu

12:57 am, February 1, 2022

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Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya has said that the first dose of the Chinese vaccine against corona will be given to about 100,000 people in the age group of 60 to 64 starting from today. This time, the vaccine is being given to people who missed the first dose. A vaccination campaign has been launched in all 32 wards of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City from today under the management of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Hari Kunwar, chief of the urban health department of the metropolis, urged the people to go to the nearest center today to get vaccinated. Today, on the first day the vaccination will be given to people aged 64 & tomorrow will be for 63 and so on.

To get vaccinated; carrying a government issued document or an ID proof with a photo of your age is necessary. In case you don’t have such a document, you have to contact the ward and get a recommendation.

Name of Ward Vaccination Center

1. Nandi Night School, Naxal

2. Ward Office, Lazimpat

3. Ward Office, Maharajgunj Kanti Cultural Center

4. Ward Office, Valuwatar

5. Ward Office, Handigaun

6. Mahendra Buddhist High School, Buddhist

7. Ward Office, Mitra Park, Chawhil

8. Golden Light Party Palace, Jai Bageshwari

9. Anupam Foodland, thirty-two dolls

10. McDonald’s Party Palace, Madhya Baneshwar

11. Vishwa Niketan High School, Tripureshwar

12. Buddha Mai Hospital, Teku

13. Janprabhat Secondary School, Kalimati

14. Ward Office, Bhubaneswari Kalanki

15. Bhuinkhel Chaur, Swayambhu

16. Multipurpose Martial Arts Center, Judo Hall, New Market

17. Public Youth Campus, Dhovi Chaur

18. Pushpalal Park, Vishnumati Beach

19. Vada 19 office premises,

20. Shanti Nikunj Secondary School, Bhagwati Bari

21. Community Urban Health Clinic, Yangal

22. Ward Office, Tevahal

23. Nav Adarsh ​​Vidyalaya, Basantapur

24. Itumabahal, Taranibahal

25. Kanya Mandir Secondary School, Chhatrapati

26. Ward Office Complex, Lanchaur

27. Mahavuddha Chowk

28. Office Complex, City Market

29. Vijay Smarak Secondary School, Dilli Bazaar

30. Community Urban Health Clinic, Gyaneshwar Chowk

31. Etc. P. Yes. School, Min Bhavan

32. Ward Office Complex, Palpakot

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