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Natural disaster claim 69 lives in just one month

3:14 pm, July 8, 2021

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Natural disasters don’t stop for a virus, so in the middle of a pandemic, the world is dealing with nature’s vagaries. There have been different instances of floods and landslides all over the country. 

According to the Nepal government’s disaster risk reduction portal, in the last month from June 6, 2020, to July 11, 2020, 50 people have died because of landslides.

Similarly, 17 people died from thunderbolt and 2 from the flood. 32 people have been reported missing because of the landslide occurrence.

Flood, Landslide, and Thunderbolt have affected more than 317 Nepali families. Additionally, 51 families were also affected as a result of heavy rainfall in the last month.

It’s a double crisis that will test Nepal’s resilience. These are only the reported information. It is believed that there are many more families affected by natural disasters in the last month. 

The world, including Nepal, was not prepared for the ongoing pandemic. But it’s not the case for natural calamities. We see it coming each year. 

Even though we see it coming, many people die each year in Nepal. Last year, 298 people had lost their lives because of floods, landslides, and lighting. 

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